Mura CMS Development Services

Mura CMS is an open-source Content Management System that has been built with emphasis on assisting its users to build and update their websites quickly and effectively. Mura CMS allows you to handle complex things like integrating data with an enterprise CRM as easily as something simple like adding a newsletter functionality using its toolkit.

Promotion and communication

Mura CMS is easy to use with a short learning curve, and integrated design features like calendars, sidebars and forms allow even the most rookie user to create content-rich sites. Furthermore, Mura CMS's ad manager, email broadcaster and tracking tools give your organization concrete ways to connect with audiences and build brands. Mura CMS is a wonderful platform for creating SEO-friendly sites. Mura CMS provides SEO code for precise search engine indexing, creates easy to read URLs, and generates site map of the website for your users and search engines. It allows you to integrated 3rd party analytics tools to give you a complete overview of your site.

Key Services on MURA

Website Design and Development on MURA Platform

Etisbew has extensive experience in creating great websites. We have been doing this since our inception in the year 2000. Apart from building creative and user friendly websites Etisbew has a wide exposure in deploying the websites on Open Source Content Management Systems like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and DotNetNuke. We have brought forward that experience and mixed that with the expertise we now have on the Mura CMS to provide our customers with the best of breed website development services.

Template Development

Etisbew's core designing team will provide your organization with a pixel perfect, cross-browser and W3C compliant design on which your Mura CMS based site can build upon. We have always believed in providing our client with end-to-end services that allows Etisbew to be a one stop shop for them.

Custom Programming and Development

Apart from providing features found on Mura CMS ad-ons, we also develop custom features and functionality to suit your exact requirements. We can build functionality on top of the ad-ons provided or can build them from scratch and all of them within the Mura CMS Framework.

Website Migration to MURA CMS Platform

Etisbew has all the skills required to migrate your current website to the MURA CMS Platform. The team of CMS experts at Etisbew will analyze your website to see where it stands, whether it has any custom CMS features, need for other futuristic and collaborative features and accordingly come up with the right migration strategy.

Our team of CMS expert developers can transfer your current website to the MURA CMS platform. They will analyse your current website for any complex features and accordingly come up with the right migration strategy.

Over the past 13 years Etisbew has developed and persistently transformed a large number of websites and portals. We analyse your requirements and develop a system around that, rather than fitting your content into our system. We can pride ourselves with a team that has a very strong expertise coupled with great insight and knowledge of the ColdFusion technology.

Clients Speak

"I am so thrilled with this programming team that I don't want to tell anyone because I want them all to myself! WOW is all I can say...! "

- Empowerism. Janet Wilson

"Etisbew came out on top and we have since been impressed by their advanced understanding of ColdFusion and other kinds of programming. They have proven again and again to be a thoroughly reliable, trustworthy partner. We recommend Etisbew highly."

- Neal Robbins, CEO, Local Secrets Ltd.

"Finding you a year ago would have made our lives simpler and our business more successful."

- Jim Myles, CEO, MyWebPal, Myles Communications Inc

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