FLEX Programming

Flex is a framework that is used to build a vastly interactive web application that deploys consistently across all major browsers, desktops and operating systems. The applications developed in Flex are delivered on the web using the Flash player and on the desktop using Adobe AIR.

Applications built using Flex provides intuitive interaction for the users and presents the application to the user in a visually attractive way. This makes for a rich user experience of the application. The user is thus empowered with advanced interactivity allowing quick and fast data transmission.

With an excellent in house team of experienced and qualified software engineers, Etisbew's Flex services will assist your organization in integrating Flex to create engaging, cross-platform rich applications.

Benefits of using Flex:

  • Rich User Experience.
  • Intuitive Interaction.
  • Visually rich Interface.
  • Allows complex Business Logic.
  • Large data transmission without affecting performance.
  • Customizable and Tailored application delivery.
  • Strong Development Model.

Below are the advantages of having Etisbew as your ColdFusion technology support partner:

  • Consulting, business analysis and specification development.
  • Flex Application Development in Flex environment.
  • Integrate Flex with MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL.
  • Server-side programming with the usage of ColdFusion, PHP, Java or .NET technologies.
  • Flex, Flash Action Script Interfaces.
  • Creation of rich internet applications.
  • Integration of Flex with a third party software.

If you are looking for Flex Programming services, please contact us.

Clients Speak

"I am so thrilled with this programming team that I don't want to tell anyone because I want them all to myself! WOW is all I can say...! "

- Empowerism. Janet Wilson

"Etisbew came out on top and we have since been impressed by their advanced understanding of ColdFusion and other kinds of programming. They have proven again and again to be a thoroughly reliable, trustworthy partner. We recommend Etisbew highly."

- Neal Robbins, CEO, Local Secrets Ltd.

"Finding you a year ago would have made our lives simpler and our business more successful."

- Jim Myles, CEO, MyWebPal, Myles Communications Inc
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