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ColdFusion is an extensively used rapid web application development platform which doesn't need any prologue. With its cutting-edge features, it aids developers in developing rich internet applications. ColdFusion 10 is the latest release with a set of productive features and functionalities. ColdFusion 10 has enriched web service support, security enhancement and language enhancements. The updated version of ColdFusion rolls up with HTML5 video player, Adobe Flash Player, enhanced web services, superior cache settings and upgraded security facets.

Etisbew has extensive experience in creating state-of-the art ColdFusion applications. We have brought forward that experience to provide our customers with the best of breed website and application development services with ColdFusion 10.

Advantages of Using ColdFusion 10

HTML5 WebSockets: ColdFusion 10 has made data transmission from server to client simpler by using WebSockets protocol on the server. This characteristic can be used to build a broad spectrum of real-time web application that will enhance user experience by using dynamic data. Messaging infrastructure can be used to broadcast or pitch in to multiple channels without any additional effort.

HTML5 Video Player: ColdFusion 10 turns up with an inherent HTML5 video player that can be perfectly incorporated to your application using CFMEDIAPLAYER tag. Also, the Flash video player is also renovated. The same JavaScript API's can be used to run either of these video players.

Web Services: ColdFusion 10 possesses the ability to convert the ColdFusion components into RESTful web services purely by inserting a few attributes to these components. We can connect HTTP method to each function and invoke the particular functions over HTTP.

Superior Cache Settings: The improved cache setting option of ColdFusion 10 can be used to build precise data regions that can be used as containers to embrace the cached user data. This innate caching function facilitates to run the cache server as an unconventional process that can function outside the ColdFusion JVM.

Upgraded Security: The improvised Security trait of ColdFusion 10 offers you with a number of integral functions that can be used to thwart CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) and XSS (Cross-site Scripting) attacks. Moreover, the session cookies can be employed only to a particular domain by being set as HTTPOnly which can be served to rotate or invalidate a session.

At Etisbew, we focus on providing innovative solutions to client situations. We deliver solutions that are exceptionally scalable and one step ahead of the competition.

Clients Speak

"I am so thrilled with this programming team that I don't want to tell anyone because I want them all to myself! WOW is all I can say...! "

- Empowerism. Janet Wilson

"Etisbew came out on top and we have since been impressed by their advanced understanding of ColdFusion and other kinds of programming. They have proven again and again to be a thoroughly reliable, trustworthy partner. We recommend Etisbew highly."

- Neal Robbins, CEO, Local Secrets Ltd.

"Finding you a year ago would have made our lives simpler and our business more successful."

- Jim Myles, CEO, MyWebPal, Myles Communications Inc

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