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Mobile Applications & mobile websites are gaining admiration these days. We build native and hybrid mobile applications for devices such iPhones, iPads, Android, and more.

The new Adobe ColdFusion 10 offers more than just a few upgrades to aid developers in open source app production. It offers a built in support system for HTML 5 development and enhances caching to boost performance. ColdFusion 10 is allowing enterprise app developers to be more productive while simultaneously increasing app security. It was created to be the best server side product to help application programmers create the highest quality enterprise apps. Though it has only been out for a short time Adobe's ColdFusion 10 is rapidly gaining popularity with mobile app developers who know what the new program can bring to their work.

Many people may be wondering what, other than the fact that it is new, ColdFusion 10 brings to the table that is so different. This new program allows HTML 5 application developers to embrace the future of mobile applications with better user experiences and high quality products. ColdFusion 10 also comes with built in tools to fast track enterprise app development allowing the entire process to be more efficient.

A large concern with mobile apps, especially HTML 5 apps, has been mobile app security. ColdFusion 10 has built in functions that help to prevent cross-site scripting and cross-site forgery. To accompany this new security ColdFusion 10 has also added enhanced login procedures that can strengthen the application authentication process.

One of ColdFusion 10's most developer friendly aspects is the built in HTML 5 support. This allows developers to do more than ever before in a shorter period of time. Mobile app developers also benefit from the built in Representational State Transfer that allows for simplistic mobile interface creation.

The ColdFusion 10 goes just a little bit further to support its programmers which lead to a better end result for app users. The program comes with top-notch scheduler that allows app programmers to micro schedule every part of app programming to streamline the process. It offers an avenue to easily create and publish web based service. Many aspects of application developer are made simpler with the language and scripting support that allow app developers to create full applications in a shorter period of time. This due in part to the improved code quality and readability that ColdFusion 10 supplies.

The release of ColdFusion 10 is has come at a perfect time for mobile app developers. App development is a growing field and consumers are adopting mobile applications at a rapid rate. ColdFusion 10 was designed to help app developers publish high quality HTML applications at a faster rate to keep up with the new demand for mobile applications. This is especially important for mobile enterprise app developers whose apps are becoming essential for business functions. As the number of app development projects grows it is becoming increasingly difficult for enterprise app developers to keep up with the demand. ColdFusion 10 will allow these developers to not only meet deadlines, but create higher quality and cutting edge enterprise apps.

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