How to choose the right ColdFusion Framework?

ColdFusion has since become one of the most popular development platforms and languages among IT professionals and web application programmers. We are specialists in ColdFusion development with a team of expert ColdFusion programmers who have worked on scores of ColdFusion applications and provide a range of ColdFusion Services. We help you in choosing the right ColdFusion Framework by exploring each framework area and giving brief overview of some of the more popular ColdFusion framework implementations.


Fusebox gives you the option of using XML to configure your control layer (and thereby your application logic) or using conventions-based CFC to configure it. This means you can incorporate your own application logic very easily into the Fusebox paradigm, and reuse it across projects easily as well.

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A wide variety of application building tools, called plug-ins, also come bundled with ColdBox. These include caching support, error handling, logging, and integration with dependency injection frameworks ColdSpring and LightWire, which can greatly increase your productivity as they make many of the common tools you need to develop applications available to you.

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ColdBox works well for larger applications that interact with other applications or need alternate front-ends (Flex, etc.).

CF Wheels

ColdFusion on Wheels provides fast application development, a great organization system for your code, and is just plain fun to use. For small / mid-sized projects we always use Wheels. The built-in ORM and validations make it simple and quick to get your app up and running. No other framework compares to it for speed of development.

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Mach -II

Mach- II is used on numerous extremely high-profile, high-traffic sites and has been for years. Big features of Mach-II include sophisticated caching and logging functionality, a very nice dashboard for helping with development and monitoring of your applications, a rich form tag library complete with data binding, and tons more.

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Model-Glue can provide functionality such as scaffolding, to generate and display a basic user interface for listing and editing database data, which can be very useful for application prototyping and development. It also provides some really interesting new features, including development-time code generation, and tighter integration with ColdSpring for CFC dependency injection into listeners.

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While ColdSpring manages dependency injection, it also provides functionality for aspect-oriented programming, which enables you to wrap code blocks before, after, or around different parts of already implemented CFC functions at run time. With ColdSpring aspect-oriented programming you can also use RemoteProxyFactories for exposing services to remote invocations.

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LightWire does not provide any additional functionality above and beyond dependency injection; it is a very lightweight framework. With only two CFCs, LightWire can be integrated and deployed easily with almost any project and with a minimum of overhead.

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Model-View-Controller frameworks are useful when you want to organize your application logic and view. Dependency injection frameworks allow you to easily manage your object compositions and relationships

There is no legendary silver bullet, and hence there is no right choice. In any case, if you stick with the major players (ColdBox, CFWheels, Mach II or Model-Glue) you'll be pleasantly surprised at what CF can offer you.

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