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Enhanced Your Results By Using Best Practices For ColdFusion Programming

ColdFusion is one of the robust programming languages used by developers across the world to build dynamic web pages. This HTML oriented programming languages is widely used by ColdFusion developers, only when they wish to conduct everything efficiently and rapidly.

This advanced platform is not simply restricted only to the development of dynamic websites but also provides a database support. And while developing such trendy applications, an individual is recommended to follow few practices that would be helpful in attaining better results with minimum efforts.

Top practices for ColdFusion programming

  • Giving a name for conventions
  • Make use of compareNoCase for comparing two strings
  • Usage of more and more comments
  • Frameworks
  • Distinguishing business from play
  • Compulsory use of OnRequestEnd.cfm and Application.cfm
  • Validating Client data in server side
  • All the defaults must be set at once

Naming conventions: Always ensure to name the arguments, local variables, methods as well as the components with caution. Avoid using abbreviations for naming. If possible, make sure to use unique names that are eye-catchy and short.

Use compareNoCase for comparing two strings: In general a true string comparison is applied only for a data that does not contain 0 as leading. And usage of compareNoCase is much helpful and better when compared to IS NOT

Usage of more comments: Usage of more comments in every line will be much helpful for a reader to read as per the functions and variable names.

Defaults must be set only once: A developer usually sets variables like titles as well as the data sources throughout the application, but he or she commits a mistake of verifying whether the variables have been defined or not. As a result, the same code will be run every time. Thus, a keen check must be done throughout the settings of variables.

Compulsory use of OnRequestEnd.cfm and Application.cfm: Have any plans to speed up the page-processing time? Then ensure to use OnRequestEnd.cfm and Application.cfm names along with some empty files in the site folder

Validate the client data in server-side: Along with the data validation to JavaScript, a validation must also be done at server-side. Apart from this, regular verification of variables must also be done.

The above listed are few key practices that a developer should follow for attaining better results in CF programming. But, a ColdFusion programmer is always recommended to access data open source libraries and existing applications at the time of programming.