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Top Features Of ColdFusion 10 That Boosts Your Website Performance

ColdFusion is one of the widely adopted commercial platforms to develop dynamic and rich internet applications in a stipulated time-frame. This advanced platform is playing a crucial role especially when programmers wish to conduct everything efficiently and rapidly.

With an umpteen number of new versions cropping up day-by-day, it can quite be confusing to know which one to opt, for building an interactive website. Thus, opting for the advanced platforms like ColdFusion, which is being updated regularly by Adobe is quite helpful to embrace new functionalities in the website and to enhance the performance of the required website.

Lately, Adobe has put forth its another advanced version called CF10, that would enable a CF expert to come across futuristic technologies like revamped enterprise web services, RESTful web services as well as HTML5. Wish to gain fine cognizance on the features of CF 10 that would help you to boost your website performance.

Top Features of CF10

HTML5 WebSockets: CF 10 has come up with a built-in support WebSocket portal that would be much supportive for transferring the data more efficiently from the web server to the potential client. This advanced feature helps a developer to boost the performance of real-time internet applications.

HTML5 Charting: The latest version of ColdFusion supports HTML5 Charting which would be helpful to increase the performance of a website with the integration of client-side charts with SVG, Canvas and Flash. An added advantage with this advanced feature is that one can easily incorporate all these charts more effortlessly with CFCHAR tag option.

HTML5 video player: The most recent version of CF offers you with the option of CFMEDIAPLAYER tag to get access to HTML5 video player. This special tag can also be used to get access to revamped flash video player.

Tomcat integration: Unlike earlier releases, this advanced version supports you with tomcat integration, where a CF developer will have an opportunity to enhance the performance of a website just by making use of the benefits offered by JEE technology.

Enhanced caching: Cache settings offered by ColdFusion 10 helps a programmer to create dynamic cache regions effortlessly. One of the main advantages of this cache region is to store the cache data efficiently. Furthermore, a developer will have the opportunity to manage the cache regions by making use of the cache functions.

Apart from the above listed there are many other ColdFusion 10 features like RESTful Web Services, Search Improvements and others that will help you to boost your websites as well as the internet applications.