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Top Reasons for the Popularity of Flex Web Application Development

The web today is one of the crucial dominant media that is helping large firms to benefit greatly. And the development of rich internet applications with flex has taken the web development to a new level. As Flex is a free and open-source development framework that enables a developer to build interactive, feature-rich, appealing and tailor-made web application solutions that can be deployed easily across all browsers and operating systems.

Why opt for flex web application development?

In the present modern era of information technology, the web application development platform is expanding steadily. And the global competition is making each and every technology to experience a drastic advancement with the lapse of time. As a result developers are changing the face of their present websites with the support of flex services to drive more results.

General public mostly opt for Flex application development, as it is not only helpful for creating appealing websites but also for developing the interactive and creative websites that would capitalize on more income.

Flex development by the concept is mainly categorized into two parts they are GUI and Action Script Code. For flex, a developer requires Flex software development kit, Flash debug player and a Text Editor IDE develop interactive applications in a matter of minutes.

Steps involved in flex application development process

  • First and foremost pinpoint the application user interface by making use of pre-defined components like buttons, forums, and many others
  • If required generate the required custom components
  • Make use of CSS style and other catchy images to enhance your visual design
  • Add the dynamic behavior with event handling
  • Link up to the data services to pack data from the external sources of data as desired
  • Put the source code into an SWF file which can run on a flash player

In the world of Rich Internet Applications, emerging enterprises, small and large-scale ventures are turning to web application development to achieve their fullest potential. And Flex is an open-source platform that helps a developer to create robust internet applications.

Pros of Flex web application development

  • Games that are being developed by making use of this advanced platform can be flawlessly played on diverse platforms like Linux, Mac, Windows etc.
  • Its applications can smoothly run outside the browser and offline
  • Developing of rich internet applications by making use of Flex is considered much easier than those developed with HTML and JavaScript
  • Its applications can be easily run on browsers and desktop
  • All the applications of Flex being flash based, they can access few device capabilities like local database, GPS, graphics accelerometer and camera
  • Applications of Flex are platform independent
  • It decreases load on the server to a great extent


Disadvantages of Flex

  • Flex is XML based and Actionscript. A developer planning to work on this platform need to have fine cognizance on both these platforms
  • Applications of Flex are single threaded, but flex offers an asynchronous programming model to reduce this issue

All these web development applications can be handled smoothly only by the companies that offers such services. If you are planning to hire a flex developer for building your web applications, you can approach the professionals of Etisbew for reliable assistance.

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Key Advantages of ColdFusion for Websites

In the fast-track of technological world, we come across various advancements in the modern technologies that are mainly utilized to surge the online presence. And out of many booming technologies, ColdFusion is the one that is playing a key role in the web applications development. With an array of benefits, this excellent web application server has several aspects to be contemplated such as:

Improved performance: Backs a programmer in building highly effective web applications that are quite effortless to deploy as well as to facilitate a favorable user-interface for rich experience. This oldest and most efficient application development platform is becoming more prevalent these days to design e-commerce websites with advanced features, as it gives a noteworthy chance for a developer to deploy remarkable data on the web that can be managed hassle-freely.

Compatible with Java: An added advantage of this popular language is that its running is not done on Java. It runs top of Java and permits you in making use of the available Java code. Thus, having fine cognizance on the Java Code will be much helpful for you to access all the J2EE libraries along with the ColdFusion. In fact, this special feature is making the Macromedia to promote ColdFusion as “a scripting layer for J2EE”.

Easy to learn: As it is quite similar to normal HTML’s extension tag, you can learn it easily and need not put much efforts while converting the output to HTML. It is highly reliable, simpler and has a high run-time performance.

Great tooling: Apart from its usual version, its latest version encompasses adobe Flash player, apache solr, improved schedule bar, Xpath integration as well as the HTML5 video player. Furthermore there are ample number of IDEs and open source frameworks available for using.

Apart from the above listed there are many other advantages such as:

  • Provides and explains all the instructions in detail and clearly
  • Its swift and powerful servers provides great flexibility, security and scalability
  • Compatible with all the advanced and emerging operating systems of Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and others
  • Individuals willing to integrate Java or .NET projects in their applications can use ColdFusion to fulfill their desire
  • Platform supported by servers of Microsoft, Microsoft Exchange, IBM, BEA, LDAP, Sun, and many more
  • Built-in support for XML and web services
  • Its single interface helps in fine maintenance as well as the administration of data in a safe and secure ambiance
  • Have an option to deliver a website in any of the preferred languages
  • ColdFusion helps to integrate the new software’s into old ones effortlessly and also to maintain those integration’s cost-effectively
  • Most importantly you need not spend much time on surfing, installing or integrating any of the third-party tools

Why to choose ColdFusion over other Technologies for Web development?

ColdFusion has turned out to be one of the most significantly used Rapid Application development platforms and mighty application server that is used to develop web applications quickly. It also has outstanding communities one can ask for.

ColdFusion has had a substantial influence on web application development over the years. It made a huge transformation to web development by presenting an easy-to-use language for Web related things.

At present, ColdFusion enables developers to build web, mobile and desktop applications with the help of an exceptional application development framework and HTML5 support; simplify data scaling and services via REST-based APIs and simultaneously safeguarding security, scalability and stability that are vital requirements of large scale enterprise applications.

Our Programmers have been developing applications in ColdFusion over a decade and they never had an issue with it. Currently ColdFusion has a great open source engine ‘Railo’ which will be a free alternative to Adobe’s engine.

ColdFusion MX and its latest versions was a huge success in IT industry that gave developers new capabilities. The java based architecture has greatly helped developers increase their performance and also gave number of deployment options for developers. The Cold Fusion MX was then followed by an upgraded version and all the latest versions are even faster, simpler and more powerful compared to other developer tools. ColdFusion has several advantages.

With ColdFusion, you can build and deploy powerful web applications and web services with less training time and fewer lines of coding than any other tools making it easy for developers. It also delivers simplified installations and migrations. With this features, developer will be able to deliver quickly. In addition to that the ColdFusion product is known to have high run time that is needed in development. This has been one of the major reasons why many developers prefer ColdFusion over other tools. In additions to this Cold Fusion allows you to program in either tag or script based syntax which are quick to learn. The other advantage is that it is a cross platform technology which means that anything that runs Java can run ColdFusion. Below are some of the main advantages of ColdFusion over other Technologies.

• High Runtime Performance
• Supports all databases
• Reliable
• Simpler
• Cross platform
• Easy coding
• Works on Flash and integrated version of this language is used with PDF

Fusebox, Coldbox, Wheels, Model-Glue, FW/1 are some of the most mature frameworks out there and are running some huge sites.

What’s new in ColdFusion 11?

In the fast track of technological world, we come across much new advancements in web as well as mobile applications. Out of many leading platforms, ColdFusion application development has become a popular option for companies of all sizes. In short we can say it as an ideal solution for many of your business related concerns. Have any plans to surge the interactivity of your website? Then, upgrade yourself with all the upcoming versions of ColdFusion like CF 11.

When a new product of the same brand or model is being launched or introduced into the market, obviously we can find some advancement in its apps, features or any others. In the same fashion ColdFusion 11 that is introduced by Adobe in recently has undergone many improvements and to make people understand it in a better way about this version here i am outlining few highlights that would support you to improve your awareness on all the latest versions of Adobe.

Below are the Major Enhancements and changes that happened in CF 11

End-to-End Mobile Application development: CF11Introduces rapid mobile application development through ColdFusion builder, debugging, packaging and deployment.

ColdFusion Express Edition: ColdFusion Express is a new light weight edition of the ColdFusion Server and is ideal for developers to quickly setup and run the Server for testing and debugging purpose.

Language Enhancements: Till date ColdFusion has come up with numerous number of advancements and modifications that would give a fine and better experience for a developer. The core CFML language enhancements in new version include new language constructs, extended tag support and modified script functions.

Rest Enhancements: The New Version supports site-level REST applications and enables pluggable serializer and deserializer.

Security Enhancements: ColdFusion 11 has come up with security enhancements and bug fixes. This update fixes few security issues and has strengthened the Server to a large extent.

Web Socket Enhancements: It is a known fact that for sending and receiving of data packets, connections of web sockets mainly make use of HTTP ports. Hence HTML5 web sockets are said as firewall-friendly that do not require any hardware or ports to be installed. And in the situations when there will be of no proxy server or a firewall between the CF server as well as the browser, this Web Socket connection workout perfectly until both of the clients and servers understand the protocol of web socket clearly. Reportedly, CF 11 has come up with the new features known as proxy, SSL and cluster support.

ColdFusion new advancements too, as CF 11 has now come up with a new built in tag that would be supportive to deal in a better way with Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in and many others.

Other enhancements include Spreadsheet enhancements, compression enhancements, Charting enhancements, PDF generation enhancements. All the above changes and enhancements have made the life of a developer easy.

ColdFusion Shopping Cart – Managing A Smooth Order Process

There are many customizable shopping cart software out in the market. Some of these happen to be a ColdFusion shopping cart which could help merchants with their order processing routine.ColdFusion Shopping Cart


Purchasing Stage

When a customer makes a purchase and once the checkout process has been completed, the new customer’s order will appear in the cart’s ‘new order’ folder. Once the merchant sees the new order, they will begin to check whether payment has been accepted or not. If payment has not been accepted yet (for certain payment methods like check payment or online bank transfer, it may take a day or two before the money is received by the merchant’s account), then the merchant may choose to wait until payment is confirmed before proceeding to prepare the goods for shipment. Once payment is confirmed, the goods are packed properly and a packing list or invoice is included into the package that will be shipped to the customer.

Shipping Out The Products

Certain customers may require that their purchase is tracked by the postal or shipping company as they would like to know the whereabouts of their purchase. These customers need to inform the merchant and the merchant needs to ensure that their shopping cart has the feature to allow customers to choose product tracking as an option (which would probably mean that customers have to pay slightly more for shipping). When the product is shipped out, the merchant needs to update his customer’s order file to show that it has been completed. Certain carts will allow linking or integration with the local postal company’s system making it easier to calculate and track shipping.

Tracking And Updating Product Status

Because the cart is linked to the local postal or courier service, whenever an update is done by the delivery company in their system, it will be automatically updated to the customer’s personal account when they want to check the tracking to show the status of their products. Once the shipping company receives delivery confirmation from the customer that the goods have arrived and been accepted, it will automatically notify the system showing delivery completed. If the customer still did not receive their goods while the tracking shows delivery completed, they can quickly contact the merchant who will lodge a report with the shipping company to investigate.

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Looking for dynamic website opt for ColdFusion

Today a business requires dynamic website. To stand in the competition old traditional methods will not work out.

ColdFusion is the answer. Want to manage huge customer database? Looking for best application? ColdFusion is the answer. ColdFusion helps you to manage large costumer database. ColdFusion programmer helps you to keep track of your projects and also manages your back – end support. ColdFusion integrates simple HTML documents into database. Want to popularize data from your database, go for ColdFusion create vibrant templates. For updating your websites, adding additional contents, making changes, ColdFusion comes handy. ColdFusion enables you adding images, testing web application, manage accounts, launching prototype and many more services.

ColdFusion is user friendly program. Simple structure and easy to understand. With ColdFusion you can build and organize powerful web services and applications requiring less time and few lines of codes compared to ASP, PHP and JSP.

ColdFusion is becoming popular in IT environments also. The biggest advantage is multitasking. Programmers can work with additional application along with their existing applications and thereby maintain stability.

ColdFusion can be used for many applications like   Image File Formats, Character Encoding, Site Elements, Advertising Networks etc.


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Comparison of ColdFusion Frameworks

Adobe ColdFusion offers developers to swiftly develop, deploy and maintain Java applications. The flawless integration along with huge number of features has garnered appreciation to this application server. To obtain the finest advantages from this server it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the suitable framework in order to enhance productivity in addition to employability. We help you to choose one of the frameworks with the following comparison chart.

Differentiator Fusebox ColdBox CF Wheels Mach – II Model-Glue ColdSpring LightWire
Flexibility Yes Yes (Highly) Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Availability of Documentation Less Very High High Medium Medium Medium Medium
Object Oriented Optional Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
MVC Framework Optional Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Security via plugins Yes, with ColdBox Interceptors Yes, through versions 1.0.x and 1.1.x via plugins via plugins Yes, with an AOP framework via plugins
Community Less Very High High Medium Medium Medium Medium
Rapid application Development Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Ease of Use Medium Easy Very Easy Complex Medium Easy Easy
Maintenance Support Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No


Etisbew is a global leader in providing expert ColdFusion development services. With over 13 years of experience and a team of skilled ColdFusion developers, we deliver top-notch services to clients across the globe.

Have difficulty in choosing the right framework? Our ColdFusion Architects will evaluate your business needs and recommend the precise ColdFusion frame work to be adopted to reap the best business value.


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Exploring Fusebox and Mach II, the most prominent and admired ColdFusion frameworks

Fusebox and Mach II are renowned and standard frameworks for ColdFusion. Compared to Fusebox, Mach II is a relative new comer to the list of ColdFusion frameworks and has quickly become a well-liked framework in the ColdFusion department. They both have certain similarities and differences which are explored in this article.

When users call a Fusebox application, they pass in an “action” value, typically called “fuse actions”. Based on the specified fuse actions, the application executes code to fulfill that request. Owing to the predetermined behavior of single file compile actions by core files results in fast performance because once the “compilation” step happens, all upcoming requests omit that step and carry out the execution of “compiled” fuse actions file directly.

Mach II relies extensively on CFCs. The entire Mach-II framework code is implemented in CFCs.  Users pass an “event” value into a Mach-II application, and the framework acts in response depending upon the particular event requested. This is similar to Fusebox’s “fuse actions”.  Mach-II also requires developers to write CFCs to handle the business logic within an application.

Fusebox and Mach-II are alike in many ways. They both have a set of core files which implement the corresponding frameworks. They both use XML to define how an application responds to requests.

However, there are few differences which are to be taken into account. They are

  1. In a Fusebox application, your XML is split into multiple files, and each file represents a “circuit”. In Mach-II, the XML is all defined in one central file. So your inclination for working with one large central file over smaller individual files may have an effect on your choice.
  2. Mach-II calls for a solid grip of object-oriented programming and contrary is the case with Fusebox. Fusebox framework is procedural and application logic can be written with or without a CFC. Fusebox leaves the choice to leverage CFCs and object-oriented principles up to the developer. The framework does not impose this type of development unlike Mach-II.
  3. Mach-II also enforces the use of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. This approach tightly detaches the Controller from the Model and the View. Fusebox, in contrast, leaves this decision up to the developer. It is likely to write MVC applications with Fusebox, although it is not mandatory.
  4. Fusebox can “compile” a fuse action into a single file. Such a step is not feasible in Mach-II as a result of its dynamic nature.
  5. Practically all business logic in a Mach-II application is dealt within CFCs. The listeners operate as a communication link connecting the framework and the core business objects. This forces a level of encapsulation on the business objects, because they require some knowledge of the framework. Such encapsulation is achievable in Fusebox; nevertheless it is not imposed by the framework.

Developers who want to build Object Oriented applications with an MVC approach will most likely prefer Mach-II. On the contrary, developers who are accustomed to coding procedural applications will perhaps choose Fusebox. Yet again, Fusebox will support OO-based models with an MVC design; it just doesn’t insist on or require it.


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Is ColdFusion ideal for Web Hosting?

In this competitive world, one is bound to come across a number of web internet hosting providers. Each day rises with new technology. It becomes difficult for one to select which one suits the best .While deciding about the hosting services, one should carefully go through the layout of the site.

You will come across many web hosting providers. One of the best potential website internet hosting now available is ColdFusion. Though new, ColdFusion provides you incredible benefits with versatile options that it’s ideal for any business. For many companies, the choice is perfect.

Let’s see what makes ColdFusion better than other hosting options available? How does ColdFusion works?

ColdFusion is favorite option for Web developers and designers. One of the reason behind this is the ability of ColdFusion to create vibrant web application along with wide range of database functionality than traditional websites.
ColdFusion hosting is a server–side scripting language, similar to PHP or ASP. Developed by Macromedia, ColdFusion hosting is not just complete basic web application server, but its applications are widely utilized for business websites too.
ColdFusion web application server works across diverse platforms. You can stabilize your firm. The software development framework that is gives you, you can develop your applications and software. That’s that reason ColdFusion hosting is in demand among both B2B and B2C organizations.
For big businessmen, managing data is great challenge. Managing huge volume of information like product catalog, customer databases, project tracking and management, along with back end support, everything needs to be taken care of. With ColdFusion your work becomes easy.
ColdFusion is perfect choice for those websites who have large number of transactions, as also for those who have large volume of traffic and customers. The facility of Email integration and security which ColdFusion web hosting has provides great convenience and savings for businesses.
In these tough economic times, you might be looking for cost effective applications. Though it’s not wrong thing. But let that not be the criteria for your selection. Cheap options will finally end up taking more time. Think from broader perspective. Look for hosting provider which takes care of all aspects. Finance, time, and long term benefits should be kept in mind. See to it that your current and future online business needs are properly taken care of.
With the help of an easy–to-learn and highly productive server-side scripting environment, ColdFusion hosting brings powerful web capabilities. ColdFusion hosting technology reduces burden of using complex codes in ASP,PHP or JSP. Thereby simplifying building websites to small as well as big businesses.



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ColdFusion, the Cool way to create dynamic webpages

Today’s world is very dynamic. Each day rises with some or the other development. Day in day out, one gets to know of some new form of development in the field of mobile site and in websites too. Nevertheless there have been some applications that are recently introduced and have windswept the variation in technology. ColdFusion belongs to one of these.

The IT world was introduced to ColdFusion by Allaire in 1996. In April 2001, Macromedia acquired it. Later, in December 2005,by Adobe. ColdFusion is a programming language that is similar to standard HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). ColdFusion pages comprises of standard HTML tags added with CFML tags (ColdFusion Markup Language)

With the help of ColdFusion, you can make simple the process of connecting your HTML pages and database. One of the benefits of ColdFusion is that it enables you to put together different types of applications into your own website. When a browser receives request in ColdFusion application, the ColdFusion Application Server automatically processes it. On the basis of CFML in the page, the Application Server carries out the application logic, co–ordinates with other server technologies, and returns back generating the page in HTML format to the browser.

ColdFusion application helps you create web site in a simple manner. ColdFusion application gives you wide range of functions which static websites or traditional client/ server applications are unable to provide. ColdFusion application is simply collection of pages, alike static Web site.

With the help of programs like Java and Flash, the ColdFusion application development will create new applications for your site. ColdFusion has one feature that it can build Web sites as “piece parts”. These “piece parts can be stored in a database and then it can be reassembled foe Web pages, e-mail newsletters and for other purposes as per users requirement.And this feature is liked by many companies. ColdFusion also provides a visual interface for building Web pages directly or for building the “piece parts”.

Codfusion has its own page markup language, known as ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML). CFML includes both traditional markup languages HTML and XML. ColdFusion consists of ColdFusion Studio, which is used to build a site, and ColdFusion Server, which serves the pages to users. ColdFusion Studio is described as “a complete integrated development environment (IDE)” and ColdFusion Server as “a deployment.

You might feel ColdFusion application development is out of reach for average user. So you will not use it. But that’s not right. You can look for some professionals who are well versed in the technology , who will help you in creating website and application as per your requirement. Though initially you will find this a bit costly affair, but you should not forget thr benefit that it can offer for future.


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