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Simple and Powerful Content Management Is Now Made Easy With Mura CMS

MURA CMS is an open source content management system that runs on the server of ColdFusion or Java application. It has been designed to make it easier and simpler for the developers to build and update their existing websites. Mura permits its marketers and editors to focus mainly on what they wish to do in an intuitive manner without the support of any of the IT team.

This widely popular platform has many built-in support features that would be helpful for a programmer to boost the performance of their existing website and keep every team member productive.

Let us have a quick view on how exactly it is

Content Administrators

A unique and informative content always play a vital role for a website as well as for a running a marketing campaign. To manage such complex contents, Mura CMS has many usability-focused solutions like Inline editing, local content indexes, form builder and multi-file upload that are being used by more than 500 fortune organizations.

InLine Editing

Managing of content right on the page is much easier with this advanced feature of Mura CMS, as one will not come across any of the pop-ups or form fields while contributing the content.

Local Content Indexes

Unlike other platforms, it is very easy to use, as it requires zero coding to drag and drop the required fields you wish to display to the users.

Form Builder

In general Mura mostly uses dragging and dropping for building the forms, thus is much helpful for marketing teams, as it does not require any coding and involve the IT team.

Multi-File Upload

A Mura expert can easily upload multiple files to their website, the only thing that a user is suggested to do is to drag and drop into the CMS platform. If required one can also re-name them to get the automatic creation of thumbnails.

The aforesaid features are just for content administrators, there are many other pre-built Mura CMS features that are helpful for Front-end Developers, Programmers and IT & System Admins that can be discussed in the next sections.

Highlights of Mura CMS

  • Offers with a best content management editor where an individual can come across what you see is what you get interface
  • Gives you an opportunity to create and edit the content without any awareness on HTML coding
  • Open architecture of Mura CMS supports you in making the required enhancements and modifications at any time
  • It is SEO friendly, thus allows to integrate third party analysis tools into its administrative screens and to generate automatically updated sitemaps effortlessly
  • Helps to grab the attention of more audience with blogging as well as the feedback tools such as reviews, comments, and rating
  • It is scalable and can handle medium sized websites on a single server
  • Open source Mura is free to download and use
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Mura: The best tool for communicating with customers

The business world is entering into new realms with Mura, which has emerged as the best CMS for communicating with the customers. In order to enrich your website with proper contents that is equipped with several components for attracting the online visitors. Now the question is what can Mura do for you? Let’s us find out in the unique aspects of this CMS for coldfusion:

  • If you want to avoid the complications of HTML code, Mura will help you to achieve your target. Thus, the creation of content and editing the same becomes very easy.
  • The categories and components of this CMS help in making the website rich with suitable content.
  • The website content can be customized for your target audience and it runs on all major OS.
  • The web design of your organization remains intact while the online visitors are trying to peep into the content of your website. This is primarily because of the fact that content can be separated from the design templates.
  • The customers will be impressed with this CMS as it offers excellent feedback tools such as reviews and ratings.
  • With the help of a single click, it is possible to maintain or keep all the versions of the contents.
  • The email marketing campaigns can be created and managed effectively with this CMS that runs on all major CMS.
  • The website content can be edited and reviewed with for obtaining a steady flow of traffic.
  • Mura is an excellent option for creating websites that are compatible with SEO and eventually leads to good search engine rankings.
  • The third party analytic tools can be easily pushed into this for obtaining an entire view of the website so that the changes can be incorporated with the passage of time.

It is no wonder therefore, that Mura is used for effective content management and also for managing the websites by some of the topmost companies all over the world. The themes and designs that are available in Mura go beyond expectations. The components of the page and the website can be managed in detail that is meant for creating the most appealing website with the help of this CMS.

Business concepts have changed rapidly during the last decade as new norms are being introduced for surviving the competitive trends that are invading the companies every day. However, the technological advancements have also reached a new hiatus and companies are now trying to renew their exposure for getting more reviews from the customers. While pleasing the customer is tough indeed, it is not impossible with the application of the right tools and instruments. Mura is a proprietary CMS that is equipped with all the instruments that can be used together for increasing the control of the users. In other words, the users will have the option of utilizing the Meta keyword. The integration with CFA is another effective feature of this platform. Overall, Mura has not only helped the large business owners, but the small ones in reaching the pinnacle of success.


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