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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Why ColdFusion Is a Preferred Programming Language By Web Developers

In the existing contemporary world, we come across many new platforms that would be helpful to design a website in a way that look visually rich, work well, engaging and provide good results. As the demand for web development is growing at a faster pace, more number of features and functionalities are added to the ever-growing web platform.

Out of many, one of the good options that are being accessible in the existing era is ColdFusion application development. Whether you set yourself to work for small or large websites, CF helps in creating simple as well as the complex applications quickly and effortlessly.

It is not just a language but is a framework developed in CFML language. However, it offers a fine platform for building the standard web applications with ease. As this widely used web development platform is highly inspired from PHP, a CF developer can surely expect umpteen number of advanced features within ColdFusion.

What makes CF unique

ColdFusion is an advanced technology put forth by Adobe to permit developers in creating graphically appealing and vibrant web pages and sites. It is one of the sought after tools just like PHP to support developers in modifying the source code of a particular framework as per the users requirement. Its simplicity makes easy to learn and to embed into HTML too.

An experienced, as well as a fresher, can easily grab the opportunity in their aspired field of web development with ColdFusion. However, an experienced person can easily learn this language, as the syntax part of CF is almost similar to that of other well-known languages like PHP, .net etc.

How ColdFusion plays a key in web development?

ColdFusion is an Adobe’s owned programming tool that helps in creating required web applications at a faster pace. Here we are listing out few of the benefits of developing web pages in CF.

  • It is quite easy to incorporate with Java, .net and.XML for creating the visually rich and engaging web applications
  • Does not require much coding as like that of other languages
  • Allows to develop advanced applications with enhanced functionalities
  • Has higher run-time performance
  • Highly dependable, hence popular among the web developers
  • Applications developed by making use of this advanced platform are easy to integrate with other IT frameworks
  • Helps to manage and track the customer databases effortlessly
  • It also supports in developing the additional applications on the existing web application

Graphically appealing web pages, high performance and quality are the major reasons why most companies wish to opt for ColdFusion for the development of their web pages.

Simple and Powerful Content Management Is Now Made Easy With Mura CMS

MURA CMS is an open source content management system that runs on the server of ColdFusion or Java application. It has been designed to make it easier and simpler for the developers to build and update their existing websites. Mura permits its marketers and editors to focus mainly on what they wish to do in an intuitive manner without the support of any of the IT team.

This widely popular platform has many built-in support features that would be helpful for a programmer to boost the performance of their existing website and keep every team member productive.

Let us have a quick view on how exactly it is

Content Administrators

A unique and informative content always play a vital role for a website as well as for a running a marketing campaign. To manage such complex contents, Mura CMS has many usability-focused solutions like Inline editing, local content indexes, form builder and multi-file upload that are being used by more than 500 fortune organizations.

InLine Editing

Managing of content right on the page is much easier with this advanced feature of Mura CMS, as one will not come across any of the pop-ups or form fields while contributing the content.

Local Content Indexes

Unlike other platforms, it is very easy to use, as it requires zero coding to drag and drop the required fields you wish to display to the users.

Form Builder

In general Mura mostly uses dragging and dropping for building the forms, thus is much helpful for marketing teams, as it does not require any coding and involve the IT team.

Multi-File Upload

A Mura expert can easily upload multiple files to their website, the only thing that a user is suggested to do is to drag and drop into the CMS platform. If required one can also re-name them to get the automatic creation of thumbnails.

The aforesaid features are just for content administrators, there are many other pre-built Mura CMS features that are helpful for Front-end Developers, Programmers and IT & System Admins that can be discussed in the next sections.

Highlights of Mura CMS

  • Offers with a best content management editor where an individual can come across what you see is what you get interface
  • Gives you an opportunity to create and edit the content without any awareness on HTML coding
  • Open architecture of Mura CMS supports you in making the required enhancements and modifications at any time
  • It is SEO friendly, thus allows to integrate third party analysis tools into its administrative screens and to generate automatically updated sitemaps effortlessly
  • Helps to grab the attention of more audience with blogging as well as the feedback tools such as reviews, comments, and rating
  • It is scalable and can handle medium sized websites on a single server
  • Open source Mura is free to download and use
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Top Features Of ColdFusion 10 That Boosts Your Website Performance

ColdFusion is one of the widely adopted commercial platforms to develop dynamic and rich internet applications in a stipulated time-frame. This advanced platform is playing a crucial role especially when programmers wish to conduct everything efficiently and rapidly.

With an umpteen number of new versions cropping up day-by-day, it can quite be confusing to know which one to opt, for building an interactive website. Thus, opting for the advanced platforms like ColdFusion, which is being updated regularly by Adobe is quite helpful to embrace new functionalities in the website and to enhance the performance of the required website.

Lately, Adobe has put forth its another advanced version called CF10, that would enable a CF expert to come across futuristic technologies like revamped enterprise web services, RESTful web services as well as HTML5. Wish to gain fine cognizance on the features of CF 10 that would help you to boost your website performance.

Top Features of CF10

HTML5 WebSockets: CF 10 has come up with a built-in support WebSocket portal that would be much supportive for transferring the data more efficiently from the web server to the potential client. This advanced feature helps a developer to boost the performance of real-time internet applications.

HTML5 Charting: The latest version of ColdFusion supports HTML5 Charting which would be helpful to increase the performance of a website with the integration of client-side charts with SVG, Canvas and Flash. An added advantage with this advanced feature is that one can easily incorporate all these charts more effortlessly with CFCHAR tag option.

HTML5 video player: The most recent version of CF offers you with the option of CFMEDIAPLAYER tag to get access to HTML5 video player. This special tag can also be used to get access to revamped flash video player.

Tomcat integration: Unlike earlier releases, this advanced version supports you with tomcat integration, where a CF developer will have an opportunity to enhance the performance of a website just by making use of the benefits offered by JEE technology.

Enhanced caching: Cache settings offered by ColdFusion 10 helps a programmer to create dynamic cache regions effortlessly. One of the main advantages of this cache region is to store the cache data efficiently. Furthermore, a developer will have the opportunity to manage the cache regions by making use of the cache functions.

Apart from the above listed there are many other ColdFusion 10 features like RESTful Web Services, Search Improvements and others that will help you to boost your websites as well as the internet applications.

Discover the Features of ColdFusion Web Hosting for Ecommerce Websites

In this modern era, most entrepreneurs are choosing ColdFusion as the best platform for creating complex and highly interactive websites. The only thing that a ColdFusion expert is recommended to do is to opt for the best hosting platform to grab the attention of more number of audience and to boost his or her business.

ColdFusion Web Hosting

In the existing scenario, there are various hosting platforms in the market. However, for many of the top companies it is very clear that ColdFusion web hosting is the right option to generate more revenue. One can easily and quickly develop an application by making use of this advanced technology than other.

Furthermore, it offers significant benefits and advantages for developers. Now the simple question that arises in your mind is what makes ColdFusion hosting much better than other alternatives in the market? Well, we have the right answer for your query.

This advanced web application development platform server is built on a Java J2EE platform, which helps in enhancing the speed and performance of an app. Moreover, a ColdFusion programmers can easily create a complex Ecommerce application embedded with visually rich animations, graphics and videos in a stipulated time frame.

Benefits of ColdFusion Web Hosting for Ecommerce Websites


CF hosting is more versatile than other platforms, as no other hosting can be utilized as a commercial web application development framework to develop interactive E-commerce websites with creative and eye-catchy features. Furthermore, the concerned professionals will also have an opportunity to gather appropriate information, required resources as well as the data for implementing an effective business plan.

Enhanced Performance:

This advanced platform helps an entrepreneur to communicate directly with the business accounting software application. Reportedly, it will be very easier for the concerned person to keep track of the present sales and expenses by generating the required reports. Moreover, he can also access the clients profiles, that would support him or her to monitor the performance of their online store effortlessly.

Supports many payment gateways:

In general the respective owner of the web store will face difficulty in determining how a potential customer is going pay for the products. Thus, an E-commerce website must be able to support a range of payment gateways to give a good user experience. CF web hosting helps a business professional to opt the best one from the hugely popular payment gateways such as PayPal express checkout, PayPal direct payment, payments pro, PayPal express checkout, PlugnPay, Click2pay, YourPay and Google Checkout,. It also supports in making the payments securely through AVS and CVV2 verification. All these options support a user in making the payments effortlessly.

Apart from the above listed there are many other features of CF like Dynamic Web Hosting Platform, Option to Personalize the Stores and Backend assistance without Any Manual Effort that help in boosting the Ecommerce websites.

Why ColdFusion Rocks and What’s New In Cold-fusion 11

In this modern era, technology changes quite rapidly and there always seems to be some new platforms coming up with new features and advancements. Out of many ColdFusion application development is the one that has been chosen by most developers as the best platform for improving the interactivity of a particular website.

It’s a known fact that many of the application development platforms gets updated from time to time. These updated versions like ColdFusion 11 provides an umpteen number of benefits to small as well as the large scale businesses.

What is ColdFusion 11 and what’s new in it?

ColdFuison11, the enterprise edition of adobe is a single platform that helps a developer to rapidly create and deploy high-performing and scalable web applications. Moreover, it supports in generating the high-quality PDF files and to manipulate them with the help of CFPDF tag. This advanced version of CF has gone through a series of alterations and enhancements such as:

  • Mobile development
  • Language enhancement
  • WebSocket enhancements
  • Security enhancements
  • Social enhancements
  • PDF generation enhancements
  • Spreadsheet enhancements
  • On-device debugging
  • Enterprise infrastructure and many others

For your reference, here I am listing few of the popular features of CF 11

Mobile development

This advanced version of CF mainly aim at offering a server as well as the development infrastructure that supports in robust mobile application development, packaging, debugging and deployment. It works well only when coded with a CF builder. In general there are three types of mobile application development platforms which a CF supports, they are:

  • HTML5 standalone app
  • ColdFusion web app
  • Hybrid standalone app

Language enhancements

CF11 has gone through a series of language enhancements that could offer a good development experience for a CF expert. Few of the CFML language enhancements in CF11 encompasses extended tag support, new language constructs, enhanced script functions as well as the support for other new operations

PDF generation enhancements

With a strong intention of generating fine quality PDFs from HTML documents, CF11 has come up with two new tags called as <cfhtmltopdf> and <cfhtmltopdfitem>

Security enhancements

CF11 has lot many bug fixes. This advanced version supports in fixing the security concerns and in strengthening the server to a better extent. Few of the notable security enhancements comprises of

  • Preventing attachment download for undelivered mails
  • Sending encrypted mails using the <CFMail> tag
  • Support for concurrent login sessions for the same user and many others

Social Enhancements

Do you spend more of your time on social networking sites? If your answer is yes, you will surely enjoy its new alterations too. As ColdFusion, 11 has now come up with a new built-in the tag which would be more helpful in dealing with Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in and many others.

Few of the other advancements in CF11 encompasses Spreadsheet enhancements, compression enhancements, Charting enhancements, On-device debugging and WebSocket enhancements

All the above advancements and enhancements have made the life of a ColdFusion developer much easier and hassle-free.

Flex Development For Interactive And Visually Rich Web Applications

With more internet users expecting complex interfaces, the popularity of RIA’s has increased to a great extent. Out of many Adobe Flex is one of the best tool of choice of many web developer for building rich internet applications.

Flex is one of the most powerful open source application framework used by large corporate firms for building interactive, visually rich and engaging web pages. One can build flex applications more easily only by making use of Adobe Flash Builder software.
New release of Flex SDK 4 has helped many developers to play with new apps by utilizing its functionality and features.

For your reference here we are presenting five things that can be easily done with the help of flex development.

Enhances the speed of the existing systems and optimizes them

When a user comes up with the issues like your system is too slow with full of bugs, you need to take quick action of re-engineering it with Flex programming.

The demand for Flex development in India is surging steadily, as these new tool helps in removing all bugs and in making the applications run smoothly on all the major web browsers. This new technology supports in adding more features with less code, thus it’s quite easy to maintain the software’s. Furthermore, usage of flex for your application development helps in surging the speed of your system processing.

Enhances your system security

When you come across certain bugs with your system, you built untrustworthiness on them. Security for such systems will be very low and anybody can easily hack your software. In such situations, making use of the components that are built on advanced technologies like Flex gives your applications more security and stability.

Supports Multiprocessing

In this fast track of the technological world, everyone aspires for a lot of things to be done the same time. Thus, a Flex developer is always suggested to be updated with the new features and functions of Flex and must come up with new addressing solutions that support Multicore processing.

Helps in building a high carrying out native compiler

Flex and Flash have the high capability to build native compilers for business holders. Few of the top organizations stress mostly on making use of native tools like compilers for their development of IT. The main use of this native compiler is to optimize the
Operators and language code for superior bytecodes. Reportedly, it helps in reducing the compilation time by diverse folds, as the compiler mostly targets to address the Flash applications. Apart from the above listed, there is another thing that can be done with the help of flex development that is to entertain the popular demand with 3D.

Planning to gain more awareness on Flex Development? Take the support of qualified professionals of Etisbew, one of the emerging service providers of Flex development in India.

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Top Reasons for the Popularity of Flex Web Application Development

The web today is one of the crucial dominant media that is helping large firms to benefit greatly. And the development of rich internet applications with flex has taken the web development to a new level. As Flex is a free and open-source development framework that enables a developer to build interactive, feature-rich, appealing and tailor-made web application solutions that can be deployed easily across all browsers and operating systems.

Why opt for flex web application development?

In the present modern era of information technology, the web application development platform is expanding steadily. And the global competition is making each and every technology to experience a drastic advancement with the lapse of time. As a result developers are changing the face of their present websites with the support of flex services to drive more results.

General public mostly opt for Flex application development, as it is not only helpful for creating appealing websites but also for developing the interactive and creative websites that would capitalize on more income.

Flex development by the concept is mainly categorized into two parts they are GUI and Action Script Code. For flex, a developer requires Flex software development kit, Flash debug player and a Text Editor IDE develop interactive applications in a matter of minutes.

Steps involved in flex application development process

  • First and foremost pinpoint the application user interface by making use of pre-defined components like buttons, forums, and many others
  • If required generate the required custom components
  • Make use of CSS style and other catchy images to enhance your visual design
  • Add the dynamic behavior with event handling
  • Link up to the data services to pack data from the external sources of data as desired
  • Put the source code into an SWF file which can run on a flash player

In the world of Rich Internet Applications, emerging enterprises, small and large-scale ventures are turning to web application development to achieve their fullest potential. And Flex is an open-source platform that helps a developer to create robust internet applications.

Pros of Flex web application development

  • Games that are being developed by making use of this advanced platform can be flawlessly played on diverse platforms like Linux, Mac, Windows etc.
  • Its applications can smoothly run outside the browser and offline
  • Developing of rich internet applications by making use of Flex is considered much easier than those developed with HTML and JavaScript
  • Its applications can be easily run on browsers and desktop
  • All the applications of Flex being flash based, they can access few device capabilities like local database, GPS, graphics accelerometer and camera
  • Applications of Flex are platform independent
  • It decreases load on the server to a great extent


Disadvantages of Flex

  • Flex is XML based and Actionscript. A developer planning to work on this platform need to have fine cognizance on both these platforms
  • Applications of Flex are single threaded, but flex offers an asynchronous programming model to reduce this issue

All these web development applications can be handled smoothly only by the companies that offers such services. If you are planning to hire a flex developer for building your web applications, you can approach the professionals of Etisbew for reliable assistance.

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