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Monthly Archives: August 2014

ColdFusion Shopping Cart – Managing A Smooth Order Process

There are many customizable shopping cart software out in the market. Some of these happen to be a ColdFusion shopping cart which could help merchants with their order processing routine.ColdFusion Shopping Cart


Purchasing Stage

When a customer makes a purchase and once the checkout process has been completed, the new customer’s order will appear in the cart’s ‘new order’ folder. Once the merchant sees the new order, they will begin to check whether payment has been accepted or not. If payment has not been accepted yet (for certain payment methods like check payment or online bank transfer, it may take a day or two before the money is received by the merchant’s account), then the merchant may choose to wait until payment is confirmed before proceeding to prepare the goods for shipment. Once payment is confirmed, the goods are packed properly and a packing list or invoice is included into the package that will be shipped to the customer.

Shipping Out The Products

Certain customers may require that their purchase is tracked by the postal or shipping company as they would like to know the whereabouts of their purchase. These customers need to inform the merchant and the merchant needs to ensure that their shopping cart has the feature to allow customers to choose product tracking as an option (which would probably mean that customers have to pay slightly more for shipping). When the product is shipped out, the merchant needs to update his customer’s order file to show that it has been completed. Certain carts will allow linking or integration with the local postal company’s system making it easier to calculate and track shipping.

Tracking And Updating Product Status

Because the cart is linked to the local postal or courier service, whenever an update is done by the delivery company in their system, it will be automatically updated to the customer’s personal account when they want to check the tracking to show the status of their products. Once the shipping company receives delivery confirmation from the customer that the goods have arrived and been accepted, it will automatically notify the system showing delivery completed. If the customer still did not receive their goods while the tracking shows delivery completed, they can quickly contact the merchant who will lodge a report with the shipping company to investigate.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5276305

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Looking for dynamic website opt for ColdFusion

Today a business requires dynamic website. To stand in the competition old traditional methods will not work out.

ColdFusion is the answer. Want to manage huge customer database? Looking for best application? ColdFusion is the answer. ColdFusion helps you to manage large costumer database. ColdFusion programmer helps you to keep track of your projects and also manages your back – end support. ColdFusion integrates simple HTML documents into database. Want to popularize data from your database, go for ColdFusion create vibrant templates. For updating your websites, adding additional contents, making changes, ColdFusion comes handy. ColdFusion enables you adding images, testing web application, manage accounts, launching prototype and many more services.

ColdFusion is user friendly program. Simple structure and easy to understand. With ColdFusion you can build and organize powerful web services and applications requiring less time and few lines of codes compared to ASP, PHP and JSP.

ColdFusion is becoming popular in IT environments also. The biggest advantage is multitasking. Programmers can work with additional application along with their existing applications and thereby maintain stability.

ColdFusion can be used for many applications like   Image File Formats, Character Encoding, Site Elements, Advertising Networks etc.


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