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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Is ColdFusion ideal for Web Hosting?

In this competitive world, one is bound to come across a number of web internet hosting providers. Each day rises with new technology. It becomes difficult for one to select which one suits the best .While deciding about the hosting services, one should carefully go through the layout of the site.

You will come across many web hosting providers. One of the best potential website internet hosting now available is ColdFusion. Though new, ColdFusion provides you incredible benefits with versatile options that it’s ideal for any business. For many companies, the choice is perfect.

Let’s see what makes ColdFusion better than other hosting options available? How does ColdFusion works?

ColdFusion is favorite option for Web developers and designers. One of the reason behind this is the ability of ColdFusion to create vibrant web application along with wide range of database functionality than traditional websites.
ColdFusion hosting is a server–side scripting language, similar to PHP or ASP. Developed by Macromedia, ColdFusion hosting is not just complete basic web application server, but its applications are widely utilized for business websites too.
ColdFusion web application server works across diverse platforms. You can stabilize your firm. The software development framework that is gives you, you can develop your applications and software. That’s that reason ColdFusion hosting is in demand among both B2B and B2C organizations.
For big businessmen, managing data is great challenge. Managing huge volume of information like product catalog, customer databases, project tracking and management, along with back end support, everything needs to be taken care of. With ColdFusion your work becomes easy.
ColdFusion is perfect choice for those websites who have large number of transactions, as also for those who have large volume of traffic and customers. The facility of Email integration and security which ColdFusion web hosting has provides great convenience and savings for businesses.
In these tough economic times, you might be looking for cost effective applications. Though it’s not wrong thing. But let that not be the criteria for your selection. Cheap options will finally end up taking more time. Think from broader perspective. Look for hosting provider which takes care of all aspects. Finance, time, and long term benefits should be kept in mind. See to it that your current and future online business needs are properly taken care of.
With the help of an easy–to-learn and highly productive server-side scripting environment, ColdFusion hosting brings powerful web capabilities. ColdFusion hosting technology reduces burden of using complex codes in ASP,PHP or JSP. Thereby simplifying building websites to small as well as big businesses.



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ColdFusion, the Cool way to create dynamic webpages

Today’s world is very dynamic. Each day rises with some or the other development. Day in day out, one gets to know of some new form of development in the field of mobile site and in websites too. Nevertheless there have been some applications that are recently introduced and have windswept the variation in technology. ColdFusion belongs to one of these.

The IT world was introduced to ColdFusion by Allaire in 1996. In April 2001, Macromedia acquired it. Later, in December 2005,by Adobe. ColdFusion is a programming language that is similar to standard HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). ColdFusion pages comprises of standard HTML tags added with CFML tags (ColdFusion Markup Language)

With the help of ColdFusion, you can make simple the process of connecting your HTML pages and database. One of the benefits of ColdFusion is that it enables you to put together different types of applications into your own website. When a browser receives request in ColdFusion application, the ColdFusion Application Server automatically processes it. On the basis of CFML in the page, the Application Server carries out the application logic, co–ordinates with other server technologies, and returns back generating the page in HTML format to the browser.

ColdFusion application helps you create web site in a simple manner. ColdFusion application gives you wide range of functions which static websites or traditional client/ server applications are unable to provide. ColdFusion application is simply collection of pages, alike static Web site.

With the help of programs like Java and Flash, the ColdFusion application development will create new applications for your site. ColdFusion has one feature that it can build Web sites as “piece parts”. These “piece parts can be stored in a database and then it can be reassembled foe Web pages, e-mail newsletters and for other purposes as per users requirement.And this feature is liked by many companies. ColdFusion also provides a visual interface for building Web pages directly or for building the “piece parts”.

Codfusion has its own page markup language, known as ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML). CFML includes both traditional markup languages HTML and XML. ColdFusion consists of ColdFusion Studio, which is used to build a site, and ColdFusion Server, which serves the pages to users. ColdFusion Studio is described as “a complete integrated development environment (IDE)” and ColdFusion Server as “a deployment.

You might feel ColdFusion application development is out of reach for average user. So you will not use it. But that’s not right. You can look for some professionals who are well versed in the technology , who will help you in creating website and application as per your requirement. Though initially you will find this a bit costly affair, but you should not forget thr benefit that it can offer for future.


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