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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Why ColdFusion Development over other services?

ColdFusion is a Programming language based on HTML and its main purpose is to generate dynamic web pages which include tags that are written in ColdFusion markup language and it has an advantage as it integrates browser, server and databases which lot of other platforms do not provide.

ColdFusion usage services are never ending as it does many things and is one of the best tools for enterprises who are looking for innovation across various platforms

There are many advantages for both end user as well as the programmer using ColdFusion because CF is supported by most important hosts, Applications can be developed in a quicker way and is free for the end user, It works on most platforms like Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, etc

ColdFusion is made by Adobe which has in-built hooks with lots of their other products.

Why Choose Etisbew for CF development partner?

Etisbew is a Web Development company which is based in India and offering several types of ColdFusion services to all the clients across the Globe. Etisbew has 13 plus years of experience in providing CF services with a team of expert professionals with high end abilities in delivering the Best quality services.

Our CF experts are well qualified and highly skilled in building scalable, cost effective solutions and highly secure web applications to all of your Business needs and they always keep themselves updated with any latest technology changes.

Etisbew has the ability to put a team of CF consultants with varied domain and technology expertise for CF Project Engagements within fewer periods by scaling up/down the resources. If you are looking for a ColdFusion development partner, then you are in the right place and we make sure that you strike the vast potentialities of this technology.


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ColdFusion ServicesColdFusion handling the market over 10 year has acquired its successful stage of valuation and commercial rapid web application development platform. Invention made by Jeremy Allaire and JJ Allaire in 1995 processed with a programming language in the similar platform called Cold Fusion too, though is more accurately known as CFML. ColdFusion was originally designed to make it easier to connect simple HTML pages to a database. Becoming a full platform by the introduction of an application or rather version called Version 2, that included an IDE in addition to a “full” scripting language. As of 2010, a version of ColdFusion   which includes a advanced features for enterprise integration and development of rich Internet applications making the process of   networking management easier.

Scripting Language namely, ColdFusion Markup Language, introduced as one of its distinguished feature enabling the process of execution to formulate to the next successive level of workout. This CFML language process consist of tagging syntax which resembles HTML , while its script syntax resembles JavaScript. ColdFusion is often used synonymously with “CFML” or “CFM”, but there are additional CFML application servers besides ColdFusion, and ColdFusion supports programming languages other than CFML, such as server-side Action script and embedded scripts that can be written in a JavaScript-like language known as CFScript. These makes the stature of the ColdFusion thoroughly which elucidate its category.

The ColdFusion attributes has made itself a good option in software processing skills that its founder JJ and Jeremy Allaire has was acquired by Macromedia, which in turn was acquired by Adobe Systems Inc to make it a advanced software technology. The usage procedure includes data-driven websites or intranets, but can also be used to generate remote services such as SOAP web services. It is especially well-suited as the server-side technology to the client-side. This software skill created in a way to handle asynchronous events such as SMS and instant messaging via gate way service interface. Also,  making possible for the user to avail such in ColdFusion MX 7 Enterprise Edition. Not only this, ColdFusion integrates many internet technologies like Java, XML, web services etc and consisting of   two main elements of ColdFusion includes the ColdFusion server and the ColdFusion templates which provides the user an opportunity while understanding ColdFusion though there are other elements which make the ColdFusion solutions possible.


Working hand in hand while providing the best means to success also make develop the status of any programming company. This can be visualized when the partnership between Etisbew and ColdFusion acts as advantageous role. Where Etisbew as a certified Adobe solutions partner and one of the leading companies in the world that provides application development, maintenance and supporting the ColdFusion. This partnership has taken bot


h the software companies to greater niche making both an extraordinarily renowned in their prospectus across the globe for years. Their interrelationship creates lot of fruitful measures developing and maintaining ColdFusion based applications using various Frameworks, ColdFusion CMS based web applications and much more and ensuring project engagement work flexible.


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ColdFusion Application Methodology

The process of providing the tactful means of workings is what ColdFusion aims to follow       throughout its didactic schemes of functions and methods of dedicated work. There are many companies around the world providing the Cold Fusion Service the basic aim of formulation. Therefore, the main services which the ColdFusion Development Services provide are enabling the website developers to build dynamic, complication and large websites. Along with building websites it increases the productivity of the company for which the website is being crafted both during its maintenance and development. With using the ColdFusion services websites the user can perform plethora of actions like it allows users to upload files, allows having member area via the login page. It also allows customized experience, sending emails, schedule the task so it runs without supervision and also publish web services and many more.

The advanced method makes ColdFusion popular enough for workout.

Among the various reasons why ColdFusion is opted for is, it used the ColdFusion Programming language which is similar to HTML which solves many difficult aims of workings. It scores above all as it is able to integrate the browser, database technologies and browser into the various Web applications. The web pages of ColdFusion have the tags written in the ColdFusion Mark Up. There persist most of the ColdFusion developmental services which are efficient enough to work on all different platforms like Solaris, Windows, Unix and Linux etc. At the same time they are able to work with HTML, XML and client technologies like JavaScript this create a complete exposure to various ways and means.

The lists of facilities that ColdFusion provides are endless. Live data can be integrated on to    the dynamic WebPages there by facilitating both the offline and the online processes. ColdFusion is a must for that large business that needs to be in contact and needs a platform for communication. For creative and innovativeness in the website too ColdFusion is needed. This gives the ColdFusion a feature that defines it to be efficient enough in handling various means and ends. Most of the ColdFusion developmental services provided customized services. If they feel that a specific standards needs to me met when designing the website they make sure to add it for the best efficient website. With the latest version too the zenith of website making is reached to the popular end of marketing and development.

Partnering with ColdFusion services is the only way to make business successful as it appear as a software problem solver to several complex and huge application.


When ColdFusion is taken into discussion about its working strategy the mention of another part is required which includes Etisbew Company who happens to make the work procedure more smooth and compact. Thus, various JavaScript Frameworks, various versions, ORM frameworks, and even ColdFusion application development experience successfully many integrated  variety of databases technologies with the applications such as MS Access, MS SQL, Foxpro and dtb, even content management system. All these characteristic evaluation makes the entire methodological process appear as a merit quality for the ColdFusion application development.


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Flex Application Development for Rich Internet Applications

These days every software development company is looking for new technologies and adopting them right away owing to the tough competition in IT market. Among relatively new technologies, Flex technology is the prominent one. Flex is a framework that helps in building dynamic and interactive Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Flex is a compilation of technologies for the development of multi platform Rich Internet applications released by Adobe Systems. Initially it was released by Macromedia (prior to Adobe’s acquisition) in early 2004 which included a software development kit, an IDE, and a J2EE integration application known as Flex Data Services.

Flex is a contemporary platform used for building Rich Internet Applications for custom development projects in line with the precise business requirements. Applications retrieve data and services through a bunch of integrated service components. Developers can retrieve XML data through HTTP and web services. Flex offers a powerful data-binding setup that spontaneously revises the user interface when data is reverted, providing applications to remain responsive even in cases of awaiting results from server.

Flex can be used to create a broad spectrum of extremely interactive and indicative web or mobile applications. The following are few advantages offered by Flex

Remarkable Developer Tools

Top notch mobile applications for android, blackberry and iOS

Tight integration with Java, spring, Hibernate, PHP, Ruby, .NET, ColdFusion, and SAP.

Abundant out-of-the-box components like Data Grids, Charts, Formatters, Validators, and several other UI controls

Superior Performance

High Efficiency

Multimedia Possibilities

Adobe Flex has played a key and noteworthy part in carving today’s online business. It is a potent solution for creating multi-platform applications. The progressively potential and feature-filled Flex versions have enabled the Flex developers to build remarkable Rich Internet Applications. In order to clearly display key business information, conspicuously and in the most striking way, Flex programmers combine graphics, animation and multimedia into the web application. This extracts fairly better responses from the prospective customers. With the Flex technology you’ll be rest assured to have your projects go live in a short span of time.


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