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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Flexible website modification with Flex Application and CMS

The introduction and the discovery of new technological application every day is making websites more effective and easy to upgrade too. One of the recent kinds of strategy evolved is the Flex application development.  As the name suggests Flex comes from the work Flexible. It thus is a program which allows flexibility to the websites which have been developed. Along with flexibility easy modification of website is also enabled with the Flex Application Development &Integration. Those websites which have been crafted making use of the Flex application gives users a rich experience and allowing the website to be more interactive. Information too which have been incorporated have a rich interface. The evolved client atmosphere of the Flex allows the application to process a large amount of data to the client end which making any changes to the performance of the program.

There are numerous benefits why Flex Application Development & Integration are preferred by developers and end users. Some of the most important are it works fast. As Flex application makes use of some of the most effective coding tools and visual library components the developmental time becomes rapid. Reliability and scalability too is provided by the Flex programming model. The designs designed with Flex can also at the same time be modified and enhanced whenever needed. As data synchronization is swift with the Flex application integration into the server is easy. Interactivity is higher with the Flex due to the messaging components, video and audio on the websites.

There are many companies who prefer the Flex developmental services to make their websites flexible. Flex solutions are most applied to communication, interactive and networking industries, classical text messaging solutions, business systems and CRM and ERP systems and even to the custom standalone solutions.

There are many of the IT solutions which provide Flex application development and integration services. They with their Flex developers work on various Flex developmental projects using the newest technology like the Adobe Flex. With their creative innovation style they are able to give solutions at a very affordable price.

Like many companies provide the service of Flex application development and its integration they are many who provide the ColdFusion CMS too. CMS is the content management system which is managed by the Flex application. The Flex CMS is very flexible allowing cross platform and cross browser compatible and it is perfect for schools, colleges, municipalities and small and medium business and even for the NGOs. Some if the features of the CMS which make people interests in opting for the ColdFusion CMS are it is has the password protect pages, template levels and sections, publishing control over contents, search engine friendly, permission based modification of contents, content search option. ColdFusion CMS is also search engine compatible and at the same time it has the DHTML navigation which is editable. Shared hosting, powerful multiple calendar layout with events and templates layout with flexible license and domains are some of the most important features which many companies are looking of the ColdFusion CMS services.


  • · Search Engine Friendly
  • · Flexible and Intuitive Editor
  • · Password Protect Content Sections, Pages or Template Levels
  • · Content Publishing Control
  • · Schedule Publication and Expiration of Content
  • · Permission Based Editing
  • · Assign Editor Rights by User and Group
  • · Content History Restores Prior Versions
  • · Site Content Search
  • · Editable DHTML Navigation
  • · Extend with Your Own Custom Code
  • · Works Well With Other Web Applications
  • · Real Page Names
  • · Template Driven Page Creation Supporting Your HTML and CSS Designs
  • · Powerful Event Calendaring With Multiple Calendar Layouts
  • · Flexible License Packages for Multiple Users and Domains
  • · Shared Hosting
  • · Easy One Step Installation


Caprus IT offers Flex application development & integration services. We have dedicated team of Flex developers working variety of projects. Adobe Flex is a comparatively new technology based on Macromedia Flash software, a full-fledged development environment ranked to a branch standard.
Flex Application Development

Our Expertise

As professional Flex Application Development Company, we are specialized in developing creative, innovative and cost-effective flex applications. Our experts  having in-depth knowledge of all the flex programming from basic to advance and achieved impressive amount of proficiency in developing Flex Solutions.  Over the years, the developers at Enfin have acquired proficiency and dexterity in developing and deploying Adobe Flex solutions. We have a core expertise in creating and delivering highly intuitive and interactive Flex applications.  Our experienced Flex development team has designed and developed applications in Adobe Flex for many consumer-oriented businesses & media. Besides custom Flex application development our Flex RIA services include re-designing the existing applications too.

Expertise in:

  • Flex application development & integration with ASP.NET, Java, PHP and other web technologies.
  • Flex development using Cairngorm and other open source frameworks
  • Developing Flex apps for LIVE Video and audio chat applications with Media servers such as FMS, Wowza and Red5.
  • Flex based e-learning tools such as Whiteboard & screen sharing platform.
  • Agile development methodology with Adobe Flex’s powerful coding tools for fast development.
  • Integrating Flex RIAs into server applications, including high-performance data synchronization.
  • Web 2.0 development modules like audio/video streaming, messaging components & other modules for in-context interactivity.
  • Custom Flex applications for ERP and CRM systems.
  • Network, communication and other interactive solutions
  • Statistics management applications
  • Video and audio messaging solutions, classical text messaging solutions


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ColdFusion Mobile Apps Development

As the economy is recovering many companies are preferring offshore outsourcing ColdFusion development rather than hiring new staff to get more technological results. With the current market scenario where the approaches, techniques and skills are momentary outsourcing ColdFusion is defiantly a necessity. It the basic method of leveraging resources and developing new thought processes along with developing expertise and skills.

Many agencies are providing offshore outsourcing ColdFusion services at a very affordable price. They perfectly provide extensive offshore outsourcing ColdFusion along with maintenance and support. With these services business can give better performance along with high efficiency and cost effective development techniques so that they are able to get a rank in the global competition.

The success of the Outsourcing ColdFusion lies in the technically qualifies and experienced offshore ColdFusion developers. The organizations providing with the ColdFusion service provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction. With the latest techniques and advanced tools they are able to fulfill the global requirements. The expert domain expertise prevalent to web development they used ColdFusion technologies. With its aim at the competency of the business they are able to get business great results. Along with the best Outsourcing ColdFusion solutions they also provide experienced project management, money back and 24X7 supports to their clients which make their renowned in the ColdFusion industry.

With the ColdFusion continuously changing from time to time it is offering various new techniques in Web Technology. The HTML is one of the most recent offerings of the ColdFusion developers. Along with the HTML the ColdFusion mobile app development features make it also a perfect choice among the web developers. With HTML 5 makes a splash in the tech niche HTML5 and Mobile devices together are making a winning combination. There are some hurdles which the developers are facing with the HTML5 where the ColdFusion intervenes to solve the hurdle. As ColdFusion is the Abodes’s HTML content making suite it is said to be powerful development tools which is both agile and swift for mobile implementation. The feature of the ColdFusion makes it possible to fulfill the needs of a developer. Some of the features of the ColdFusion Mobile application development are its server monitors which fine tune the application, file modification and direct images. Capability of controlling the application behavior and its assimilation with Adode flash and much more are only possible with the ColdFusion. This enables to make the application strong as well as light weight and multi functioning. Because of the relationship between the ColdFusion and the HTML5 the best mobile applications are developed.

Whether it is the business application, stock market application, games and entertainment application all can be developed with the ColdFusion mobile app development. The scalability of this application development makes the perfect mobile application which the Smartphone must have. The genuine and user friendly features of the ColdFusion makes the most robust application that allows thousands of users to use maintaining the interactive and rich front end. For the best kind of interactive application the best ColdFusion mobile app developments must be chosen.


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ColdFusion Application Development by ColdFusion Programmers & Developers

ColdFusion application development is associated with the website development. With the unique features of the ColdFusion development along with the ColdFusion Makrup Language which resembles scripting components like JSP and PHP and even ASP but it bares the most resemblance to HTML syntax. The ColdFusion allows developers to develop content publishing systems, dynamic sites, ecommerce sites, self service application and much more. ColdFusion provides assistance in web services and application making the websites interactive and communicative. This is all possible because ColdFusion Application makes use of the simplest codes and crafts the websites in the short time span.

There are many companies who provide the ColdFusion application development services. These companies’ posses a wing of experienced, expert ColdFusion Programmers & Developers who provide superior and genuine ColdFusion development services within a limited span of time. These developers having prior experience develop affordable. Extremely safe and scalable web applications are crafted by them so as to make the difficult tasks simple for both their clients and customers. The expert developers make user friendly, modular and swift website so that they can face any ColdFusion crisis with no difficulty. These teams are aware of the latest and upgraded techniques of the ColdFusion Technology some of them being the ColdFusion 4 and even the ColdFusion MX. The specialized men offer to the customers a range of ColdFusion services to provide solution related to ColdFusion. Some of the ColdFusion application development services which they provide are Flash Integration, company level web application , Intranet and E commerce, upgrading and maintaining the ColdFusion application, CFC and CFZ building and even Server Scalability and clustering.

These services providers have dedicated ColdFusion Programmers and developers who making use of the ColdFusion application development process reduced the payroll burden to almost zero. There are various kinds of ColdFusion services which these experts with their pool of knowledge and previous experience provide. As they have prior experience in such development task they are able to complete the task in a very small time period. There are various plans which they have according to what clients can choose them. Some of the one flexible plan is hourly plans and the weekly plan. These plans which these developers gave are money saver plans. The basis of which they work are they are committed to the success of your business or there is the money return policy, there are no extra or hidden charges which are asked from the employers, guaranteed constant communication on the part of the ColdFusion developers and programmers. Maintenance and support even after the services is provided. Even upgrades from free or at very low cost is what they allow. All the latest technologies to be used by them when crafting the website and reports on progress and development are given to keep the client updated. Development is done with high bandwidth internet connectivity.

Both the small and even the medium companies are opting for these services as they not only provide swift services but also provide services at very low cost.


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ColdFusion Services

Before we discuss what ColdFusion Development services or programming is it is necessary to understand the basic term ColdFusion. ColdFusion is a simple programming environment that enables developers to create strong server side application swiftly. When creating server side application with ColdFusion there is a need to use lesser codes than all other technologies such as PHP and ASP. ColdFusion integrates many internet technologies like Java, XML, web services etc. there are two main elements of ColdFusion the ColdFusion server and the ColdFusion templates. There two are the main elements while understanding ColdFusion though there are other elements which make the ColdFusion solutions possible.

There are many companies around the world providing the ColdFusion services. The main services which the ColdFusion Development Services provide are enabling the website developers to build dynamic, complication and large websites. Along with building websites it increases the productivity of the company for which the website is being crafted both during its maintenance and development. With using the ColdFusion services websites can perform plethora of actions like it allows users to upload files, allows having member area via the login page. It also allows customized experience, sending emails, schedule the task so it runs without supervision and also publish web services and many more.

The offshore ColdFusion Development services provide the services throughout the world. With the experienced professionals in hand working over the website with ColdFusion and related technologies they are experts. They wing is able to provide the best ColdFusion solutions which are highly secure and are cost effective. With the updates techniques which they make use of they are able to make dynamic websites with ease.

Among the various reasons why ColdFusion is opted for is it used the ColdFusion Programming language which is similar to HTML. It scores above all as it is able to integrate the browser, database technologies and browser into the various Web applications. The web pages of ColdFusion have the tags written in the ColdFusion Mark Up Language which pacifies collaboration with database and restrains itself from making use of the more difficult languages for translating the program.

Most of the ColdFusion developmental services are efficient enough to work on all different platforms like Solaris, Windows, Unix and Linux etc. At the same time they are able to work with HTML, XML and client technologies like JavaScript.

The endless lists of facilities that ColdFusion provides are endless. Live data can be integrated on to the dynamic WebPages there by facilitating both the offline and the online processes. ColdFusion is a must for that large business that needs to be in contact and needs a platform for communication. For creative and innovativeness in the website too ColdFusion programming is needed.

Most of the ColdFusion developmental services provided customized services. If they feel that a specific standards needs to me met when designing the website they make sure to add it for the best efficient website. With the latest version too the zenith of website making is reached. Partnering with ColdFusion services is the only way to make business successful.


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